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10 Things to avoid in marriage or relationship

1. Don’t marry or date someone you
cannot celebrate in public.

2. Don’t fall in love with someone you
cannot trust. If you cannot trust your man
or woman with your friends, then, pack up
that relationship.

3. Don’t compare your partner with anyone
no matter the case involved. Accept him or
her for who he or she is and not for what
he or she is.

4. Don’t get involve in double-dating or
multiple-datingbecausethat is uncivilized,
unchristain culture and is quite expensive

5. Don’t marry a ” Cowboy ” who will turn
you sooner or later into a punching bag. If
he slaps you now he has not paid your
bride price, what happens when he pay
your bride price. The muscles on his body
should be for your protection and not for
Mike-tysoning your peace Cum beauty.

6. Don’t marry “Momsy-boy”. He fall in
love with you because his mother approves
it and tomorrow, he walk out of that same
love because his mother says you are a
witch or don’t know howto cook. Leave him
simple. He is a ” my mother says” breed.

7. Don’t marry a SHOPRITES FREAK,
except you own a shoprite. But, if he or
she makes the buck, you can rethink your
position. Never forget, what makes for a
successful marriage or relationship do not
come from shoprites or shoplefts.

8. Don’t marry a sex champion because
sex alone doesn’t make a relationship or
marriage to work. Come to think of it,
whyshould you have sex with someone
outside marriage? Please, close your legs,
biko! If you have sex before marriage, you
build suspicion into the very foundation of
your marital life.

9. Don’t marry for your friends. If your
friends opinions differs from yours on who
to marry, please follow your personal
conviction because you can tolerate and
live with your own mistake thereafter.

10. Don’t fall for a Crying-johnney or
crying- Janet because there could be more
than you can ever imagined behind the
drama king or queen. Tears deceives the
mind easily.

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