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Incredible Ways To Handle A Bad Boss At Work Without Getting Burned

Handling a bad boss at work isn’t
something that just happen overnight. Why
some bad bosses have their “badness”
imprinted in their DNA, others are as a
result of the “bossy” nature that comes
with power. There is a reason everyone
craves to be their own boss but before you
become one, the harassment at work might
just be too much for you to bear and the
temptation to explode is becoming a
burden. While you are at liberty to do that,
that very choice would be denied you
today until you are done reading this. Day
in day out, you are out there talking to
friends and colleagues about how difficult
your boss is and you are probably seeking
for ways to handle him and work without
losing your head. It is the right thing to do
but the irony is this, you are here looking
for ways to handle an aggressive and
domineering boss but your subordinates
will definitely find this post too on how to
handle you when you finally become your
own boss. In essence, while you wish your
boss is easier and more lenient to work
with, make sure you are one when you
finally become a boss as

In life, nothing is impossible and I don’t
believe there is no art that can’t be
I was nearly sacked for standing up to my
boss but you might not be that lucky.
Before you have enough and take it out on
that your bad boss at work especially the
aggressive and domineering ones, a closer
look at the four points below might keep
you a day longer in your job.

One of the best ways to burst the ego of a
domineering boss is by you not talking
back at them when the “rant” is on. By
maintaining your cool, you are in charge
and the one to determine if the altercation
should go on or not. I have been there and
I must say it is not really worth it. Mine
nearly got me fired because I wanted to
show my boss she does not have the sole
right to be angry or to talk to me in
provocative terms and language but I went
overboard with my anger and it nearly cost
me dearly . At the end, I apologized but
the damages have been done. Nothing
confuses an aggressive boss the more like
an ever smiling subordinates who leave
them hanging about the next actions to
take. By doing this, you are not only
saving yourself and family from transfer of
aggression which is likely to occur if the
reverse is to be the case but also making a
lasting impression at work.

How do you handle a bad boss at work
especially when you are new to the
company? How do you get along with a
bad boss when he or she is the
domineering and aggressive type? Every
man has a price and your boss is not an
exception. First day at my previous work
was an eye opener. One I will never wish
any one to pass through. My boss was this
insatiable and non-conformist perfectionist
who never get satisfied with anything no
matter how hard you tried. I was the best
in my team but it was hell working with
her. In the end, I was forced to resign. A
year later it dawned on me that I made a
mistake with the way I handled things
because I never knew better then. The
good thing now is that you don’t have to
be in my shoes, you don’t have to make
same mistakes. Before I came into the
company, there are people working with
her and they were really getting along well.
What made mine different then? Hear this,
to get along with a bad boss especially
when you are new to the company, you
need to consult with the old staff. Talk to
one or two colleagues who are willing to
help you in the company. With this, you
will know what your boss like and what he
or she does not.

Confronting a bad boss with the sole aim
of winning an argument is a sure way to
lose your job before you get started unless
you have one waiting for you outside the
door .Off course you might probably win
the argument but the sad truth is that you
are not indispensable and likely to get
fired the next day. No boss wants to work
with someone who will ridicule him in the
presence of senior colleagues and even
subordinates. I was lucky to escape being
fired but you might not be as lucky as I
am. Strategic withdrawal is a conflict
resolution skill that is of utmost
importance in the work place. Learn when
to let things slide and make sure you don’t
take the lead role in a mob action against
your company. Doing so will single you out
as a rebel leader and you know where that
will lead to.
The book, Leadership Secrets of Attila the
Hun, by Wess Roberts, provides a clue for
a dealing with a horrible leader. Be
principled, but don’t be stupid. You must
fight with a bad boss with facts and be
positive and constructive as much as
possible in your argument. Never, I repeat
never must your argument be seen as a
“dressing down” template by your bad
boss. If possible, always keep a copy of
your facts. If not now, you will need them
when it matters most.

Trust building is of utmost importance not
just between lovers but in all spheres of
life and you building one with your boss
will take you far. Building trust is the best
way to work with the micromanager of a
boss who is known for hovering around
and always checking your work. Aside
making sure your works are error-proof,
the best way to build trust and get along
with your boss is to keep him/her up to
date with your reports. With this, he gets
the credit he craves for and will be easier
to get along with than a boss you totally
shut off from the project you are

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